Company condolences to sick employees

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On the morning of June 6, 2019, Xia Huimin, secretary of the Party branch of the company, Shen Xinli, the chairman of the labor union, and Shen Guifu, the vice president of the company, went to Jinshan to express their condolences to Liu Dong, a sick employee of the company's equipment group. Xia Huimin, secretary of the Party branch, cordially inquired about his physical condition and treatment, encouraged Liu Dongqi's family to have confidence, maintain a good attitude, strengthen confidence to overcome the disease, and rehabilitate the disease, and strive for a speedy recovery. The chairman of the labor union Shen Xinli carefully explained that the union purchased insurance for the employees. Specific operations reimbursement process and various trade union policies. On behalf of the company, Vice President Shen Guifu gave condolence gifts and condolences to the company, wishing him a speedy recovery, returning to work and contributing to the company's development.
Jiugang has always insisted on putting employees first, and sent the company's care to the hearts of every employee, so that employees can deeply appreciate the warmth of the company's big family, and closer the distance between them, and strengthen the company's Cohesion.

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